High quality and efficient model development.


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    The table below shows how we are able to develop the highest quality of models within a limited amount of time, using rapid prototyping. If your modeling challenge is classified as ‘easy’, we are able to present a working prototype within days.


Rapid prototyping innovation



1. MatLab, SimuLink and Comsol platform

PC-based rapid prototyping within Model-Based Design is widely recognized as a quick, efficient way to test ideas and experimental solutions early in development, when they are easier and less costly to fix. The requirements are very specific: a single development platform and software tools that would be easy to use and quick to learn, i.e. the MatLab, SimuLink & Comsol platform.

2. Easy access to tremendous amount of models and papers

MatLab, SimuLink and Comsol have a tremendous amount of freely available models and papers, developed by the user communities. For example Google a topic where you are interested in, including either MatLab, SimuLink or Comsol (i.e. Google ‘Comsol automotive’). Or, visit one of the following sites MatLab Central or Comsol Search, and find interesting apps.

3. White box models based on PDEs and ODEs

For information on real system comes, we apply the laws of nature, together with the constitutive equations of the components, to the physical model to generate the mathematical equations (PDEs & ODEs). These are solved by numerical simulation to predict the behavior of the physics. Because we use our insight and understanding of the way the system works to create the model, we call this model an approximate image of the physical system a white-box model.

4. Sound Mathematics for solving PDEs and ODEs

Comsol is mathematically designed using the so-called weak form theory (WFT) and implemented using Finite Element Method (FEM) for solving PDEs in 3D. This book proofs (mathematically) that FEM is guaranteed optimal in its WFT performance. We refer to: Baker, A.J. (2012) and Wikipedia on FEM.

5. Physics controlled meshing

Automatic meshing depending on the Physics. For example automatic boundary layer meshing within CFD application using rectangular mesh near the surface and triangular else.

6. Easy CAD import and Livelinks

The first step of product development often involves the creation of a CAD model. It is essential to integrate the simulation and CAD modeling processes because information and data from one model affects the other and can often be directly passed between them. To facilitate this integration, COMSOL provides you with a robust tool: the CAD Import Module


Proof of Concept by showing that your innovation is confirmed by the laws of physics




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