What we do, how (quality) and why (added value).


The Art of Computational Modeling


Added value for your industry (Why)

    All computational models rely on algorithms, diagrams or formulas, see above. Most consultants are experienced in only one of these three possibilities. A small minority perhaps two, but allround consultants with substantial experience in all three ways of model development are very rare.

    Here you can find the added value proposition of CompuToolAble, the allround modeling consultant for your Industry.

    1. Independent Computational Modeling Consultancy

  • Simplify your models without losing accuracy. Less complexity is less errors.
  • Get rid of time consuming and erroneous (external) coupled models. Tools developed within in a fully integrated modeling software environment are by far superior to coupled software modules.
  • Create 3D Multiphysics models for virtual design of the ‘real world’.
  • Closing the gap between model developers and users by providing easy and intuitive user interfaces (apps) for designers.
  • 2. Verification and Validation

  • If crucial decisions rely heavily on the results of a single computer model, a second independent model is an efficient way to reduce the risk of failure. We are able to (re)build any computational tool very time-efficiently.
  • 3. Computational Modeling Education

  • Modeling design and implementation strategy. Because we, as an allround consultant, have a good overview of all model development methods (i.e. algorithms, diagrams ans formulas), we can educate model developers making solid decisions from the earliest beginning until the very end of the model development process.

CompuToolAble's Strategy (How)

  • Satisfaction. De customer satisfaction is ensured by our two-step-approach. This means that the delivery of a product (i.e. MatLab, SimuLink, Comsol files) will done in two steps. Step 1 consists of the delivery of a working prototype (rapid prototyping). The customer has therefore a clear idea of the potential of the final product and perhaps even more important, he/she can give valuable feedback for the final product. At Step 2 the prototype will be further developed into a fully functional final product using just mentioned the feedback of the customer. This step includes for example: The transition from a 2D to a 3D model, improved geometry modeling, refinement of the solution with the necessary accuracy, improved resolution, etc.
  • Quality. CompuToolAble develops models using the best of the best computational software: MatLab, SimuLink and Comsol. CompuToolAble has more than 15 years intensive experience with the software, including the implementation of model-based mathematics & physics.
  • Transparency (to the costumer). This holds both for the product: The delivered modeling code is 100% open, as well as, for the process: A clear timesheet.
  • Confidentiality (to the outside world). Unless the costumer has no objection, CompuToolAble will be strict confidential regarding its customers and their activities.

About the costs

    Due to the modeling environment (i.e. MatLab, SimuLink and Comsol), our long term experience and the use of the cloud, CompuToolAble has become very efficient in its tool development. Therefore we have a competitive price/quality ratio. If you are interested, please contact us, so that we get the opportunity to show our capabilities. CompuToolAble will offer a detailed quotation for each costumer.

Free Advice and Tips on Modeling and Simulation

    If you contact us about your modeling and simulation challenge, we will provide free advice and tips on how to proceed with your modeling request.


Innovative Design begins with Simulation Software






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