Contributions to Innovative Projects






Early design decisions support

Optimal climate control of display cases.

Conjugate heat transfer.

Valuable artifacts in museums need a very strict climate. A team of experts designed a box-in-box display case with a climate control system. My role in the project was (1) to simulate possible design options from the beginning until the end of the design process. (2) Visualization of the results provided insight for the design team and (3) supported them with crucial design decisions. The figure left shows the surface temperatures at the inside of the box where the artifacts are placed. (4) Experimental validation using measured data of temperatures, air velocities and infrared imaging.

Heat exchanger optimization

Product development.

Conjugate heat transfer with humid air.

Modern low energy buildings need high-tech facades to reduce energy consumption. A company patented an idea on a clever heat exchange system inside building facades. My role was (1) to provide a proof of concept by simulation. (2) Suggest possible improvements to the basic design. The figure left shows the performance of three design variants. (3) Calculate the yearly energy cost reduction. (4) Last but not the least, reduce condensation risks.

Heat, Air, Humidity and Pollutant Modeling and Simulation

Material emissions inside spaces.

Quadruple physics: heat, flow, humidity, pollutant.

Materials inside space pollute the surroundings with heat and particles. The International Energy Agency started a project on pollutant emission inside living spaces related to energy reduction. My role was (1) to develop a Multiphysics model that incorporate all physical processes involved. The figure left shows four distributions of the temperature, air velocity, humidity and pollutant concentration inside a living space including a pollutant source. (2) I created a design tool for the engineers using the Comsol application builder. This simulation-based design tool was successfully deployed amongst the engineers during the project.






Advanced climate control

Climate control as a complex mechatronic system.

Modern climate control consumes a lot of energy. The goal of this four-year project was to reduce energy within strict climate control. My role was (1) developing a computational toolbox for simulating the hardware components (heaters, coolers, valves), sensors responses (temperature, pressure) and controllers (on/off, master-slave, PID). (2) Knowledge transfer to and supervision of a (cum laude) PhD student. (3) Evaluating in situ (Hermitage Amsterdam) experiments of the complete climate systems (over 100 sensors) for model validation. (4) Implementation of an improved setpoint control strategy in the system software.

Improved Sensor Accuracy

Correction of sensors at different operation modes

Sensors may become inaccurate, if the operation mode is different compared to the conditions of calibration. In this project we improved the accuracy of a hot bulb anemometer. My role was (1) developing a computational model for the electric circuit and heat transfer from the hot and cold bulbs (See figure left). (2) Validation with laboratory experiments. (3) Simulate the sensor response in different operation modes and calculate the corresponding error. (4) Correction tables for significant accuracy improvement.

Micro switch design

FEM based design of a micro switch in a circuit

A micro switch is already a mechatronic system on its own, i.e. thermal expansion of tiny piece of metal by electrical current. The goal of this project was to optimize the micro switch parameters in 3D together with the overall system performance. My role was (1) developing a 3D Multiphysics model of the micro switch using Comsol. (2) Implementation of this 3D FEM model into a SimuLink model of the remaining system. (3) Efficiently optimize the overall performance by making clever use of all available 3D-FEM/SimuLink parameters.



COMSOL Stand-Alone Applications



Demo App

Demonstration Application

This is a very new technology from Comsol. Click here to downlaod a free application that shows the power of Comsol Compiler. Also very nice is the new GITf export from comsol to create a 3D model for windows 10. Click here to downlaod a free GITf


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